SPARK Challenge 2017: Circulair Economy
From 7 till 9 decembre you can participate in the first edition of the SPARK Challenge 2017. Theme: Circulair Economy.
Till now our society followed a grow pattern based on a linear production system. Resources, commodities and waste have been exchanged all over the world. Nowadays we are fully dependent of external natural resources. Changing this system is urgent and asks for circularity: reuse products and materials, waste is history. Close the Loop! Create solutions for real live cases. The prize pool is ? 1.500, free foods and drinks. Check in individually or by team (up to 4 members).


When:                            Decembre 7,8,9
Where:                          SPARK Campus, Graafsebaan 3, Rosmalen
Time:                             December 7 & 8 from 8.30 hr – 22.00 hr and 9 december till 17.00 hr.
Costs:                            Zero
Food and drinks:        We will offer you free drinks, fruit, lunch, diners, snacks.
Total participants:     Max 40

* if you have a required course in school, you are free to leave the challenge venue.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you require further information.


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